I dwell in the city and the city dwells in me

through metaphor to reconcile

the people and the stones.

Compose. (No ideas

but in things) Invent!

Saxifrage is my flower that splits

the rocks.


Excerpt fromasort of a song’ by William Carlos Williams.­

A prosthetic skin shall be applied to the vertical surface of Bridge Lane, emerging from the old and worn brick wall. This prosthetic is an emulation of human skin, a tenderness emerging from an unsympathetic environment. It is enigmatic yet strangely familiar, giving the sense of finding something dear to us without even knowing it had been missing. The work is a harbouring of our own humanity; instilling not revulsion but an odd empathy for the new organism.

Compare the function of human skin to that of the buildings we inhabit; both skin and buildings are designed as a protective layer to shield from weather and temperature conditions. But buildings should also be intelligent; constantly adapting to changing climatic conditions. They, like us could breath, flex and respond to the season and climate. 

This installation is to resemble texture, muscle tone, pigment, hair shafts and moles or discolorations. The work shall blend with the adjoining building colour and textures, making the work appear to be growing out from the building. An audio component shall further engage the viewer, emitting a barely audible heartbeat. The sounds will reflect a subtle pulsing and occasional flexing on the surface, using small animatronics concealed within the prosthetics. The installation materials shall be weather proof and durable for the installation period. 

Engaging the Public

The work is subtle but shall be exposed to Bridge St, drawing viewers into see the work and engage with this quiet yet easily missed place in strange contemplation.

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